Pete Lacey

The Podios

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The Podios hot damn its only rock n roll but i like it logo band oh my god a little cliché but thats ok worn out the boys are back in town well thats enough tags now podio

Yeah, I know the style is a bit 'in' at the moment.

Just 15mins work for The Podios! A new slightly-above-average band formed of the members of the Podio team, playing good old rock 'n roll.

Somehow, I'm on bass, despite the fact I've never picked up a bass guitar in my life.

The little emblem stems from the icon representing 'Apps' throughout Podio, with some lightening because, well, because lightening is shit hot.

Rock on.

EDIT: Podio is awesome, and you're all bad designers if you don't use it. There, I said it.

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