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Software is not a set of instructions that work on your screens but programming of software needs step by step techniques following.
Defining the Problem:
Defining the problem is actually handling multiple factors we just have to arrange them by observing keenly all factors.
Planning the Solutions:
Brainstorming is needed to analyze the software requirements. Communication is must on this stage between users and programmer.
Coding the program:
Without any degree in software you can learn code. But code is not like bunch of function that you learn or copy from somewhere. Code is understanding the program and clean code is best approach to develop any software.
Testing the program:
Newton said action and reaction is equal but opposite. As complex and clean code react good solutions. Testing is the phase to see reaction of your code.
Documentation the program:
Documentation is necessity of any solution. Well documents keep you easy to understand that what is problem, solution and code.

Software Solution
with the advancement of technology everything is becoming reliable for everyone in this world. Software is best the approach to save your time, effort, money, and trees(Paper).Generally software is divided into three types; system, application and utility.
Communication among hardware, application software and system programs is a collection of system software that connect devices and support to execute other programs.
To solve a particular task that is related to our business or our daily life. Solution will be application software.
Utility software is not like our electricity bill generator software that is solution of internal system bugs like anti-virus, Disk cleaner or other disk utility functions.
Software solutions converts your complex and complicated problems with no time into easy solution.

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