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  1. Adam Schweitzer Adam Schweitzer

    Started to work on re-branding myself, liking the direction this is going so far... thoughts?

    about 1 year ago

  2. Kyle Chicoine Kyle Chicoine

    Looks pretty dope! Right one is stronger then the left IMO.

    about 1 year ago

  3. Jackson Walker Jackson Walker

    Badass, I really like the shape.

    about 1 year ago

  4. Adam Schweitzer Adam Schweitzer

    Thanks guys! I'm still pretty undecided about which one I like better, so I thought I would see what all you Dribbbler's thought!

    about 1 year ago


    I'm having issues fluidly recognizing the S on either example, however the right one appears to be stronger then the left.

    I think breaking out of the perfect symmetry of the top and bottom elements will help eliminate the flattening going on with the right hand version.

    about 1 year ago

  6. Mike Benton Mike Benton

    Looks great - really nice :)

    about 1 year ago

  7. Filip Raatz Filip Raatz

    Very nice, i prefer the right one.

    about 1 year ago

  8. mononelo mononelo

    Awesome! I like the one in the left because it has a great 3D effect!

    about 1 year ago

  9. Chris Grooms Chris Grooms

    I like the left better because it helps bring out the fact that this is two letters rather than one mark, but to me, it looks like the top is the "A" and the whole thing together is an "S". Am I right, or is the bottom half supposed to be the "S" by itself?

    about 1 year ago

  10. Adam Schweitzer Adam Schweitzer

    Wow thanks for all of the feedback everyone!

    @Chris Grooms that is actually exactly what I was trying to do with it! So the "A" had some presence by itself, but when the rest of the logo comes into play as a shadow of sorts it makes up an "S".

    about 1 year ago

  11. Indian Indian


    11 months ago

  12. Seeger Mattijs Seeger Mattijs

    The left one is awesome!!

    10 months ago

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