Crochet every day for 20 minutes


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  1. Lana Bragina Lana Bragina

    One of the layouts for my last crochet project.
    Crochet every day for 1/3 of hour (or 20 minutes) in the new color.
    All together: 16 days!
    Started on 1th January of 2013.
    See in in bigger resolution:

    about 1 year ago

  2. Steve Bullock Steve Bullock

    Cool Concept.

    about 1 year ago

  3. Lana Bragina Lana Bragina

    @Steve Bullock oh, I forgot to show the link to the video! Take a look, a picture a day of this project:

    about 1 year ago

  4. Serena Vacas Serena Vacas

    Great project!

    about 1 year ago

  5. Lana Bragina Lana Bragina

    @Serena Vacas thank you!

    about 1 year ago

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