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This is a project I have been modifying recently -- short video app!

This app is mainly aimed at users who like to share good things. The goal of the product is simple, efficient and easy to use, and at the same time to help users record small moments of life or beautiful moments, so that users in life more fun and beautiful.

This product is mainly divided into three modules: the home page is used for viewing videos and publishing functions; the message page is used for viewing and replying messages, which is convenient for social contact; my page records the contents I published, collected and liked, which is convenient for future review.

The overall style of the product adopts dark color mode, which can better alleviate the visual fatigue caused by long-time browsing and bring more comfortable experience to users. At the same time, the color of the theme is orange, which brings users a more lively and cheerful atmosphere.

I hope you like it.
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