Booking form for UpGuard

I had fun rethinking a demo booking flow for UpGuard, simplifying and automating the process for customers and our team.

The primary goal of this redesign was to simplify and automate the booking process while guiding new leads through as few clear steps as possible to book a technical demo. This will help reduce back-and-forth correspondence, timezone hassles and funnel dropouts.

A secondary goal was to help our team qualify new leads by collecting important info upfront – company domain, email address, company size and a key contact – which our team needs to research, prioritise and prepare for technical demos.

UpGuard is an exciting cybersecurity SaaS startup helping companies reduce cyber risk and protect customer data. Their platform performs 120bn+ evaluations per day, uncovering 35k+ exposures for customers including NASA, AT&T and the NYSE.

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