The Nine Realms

The Nine Realms

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Watched Thor recently and I've been wanting to make something revolving around the world Thor comes from. So, I geeked out this Sunday and decided to make an iPhone 5 wallpaper showing "The Nine Realms" of Nordic mythology/cosmology:

Asgard The Heaven World of the Gods.
Alf-heim The World of the light Elves.
Nifl-heim The World of Cold and Darkness.
Jotunheim The World of the Giants.
Midgard The Earth World of human beings.
Vana-heim The World of the Vanes.
Muspells-heim The World of Fire.
Svart-alf-heim The World of the dark Elves.
Hel-heim The World of the dead.

Had a blast learning and trying to come up with concepts to symbolize each realm. Was challenging for sure.

Attached are two different versions – The original (showing the pathways in which all the realms are connected) and a minimal version without the pathways. Also, the zip contains red, green, and blue versions of the wall as well.

Anyways, checkout the @2x and enjoy the walls ♥ ♥ ♥

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