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Hi Everyone,

I’ve always been a person who likes everything related to cinema, and this work is the outcome of an idea and concept I had with me for quite some time.

Indigo is simply put a Desktop App that enables you to organize your movie collection in a beautiful and easy way, by accessing all the movies you have in the cloud or NAS. It is a minimized Media Center for your Desktop PC.

The name/codename Indigo, comes from the near Purple color of the same name.

For best results while viewing the preview, open it on a 1080p monitor or TV, in Full View mode (bellow you should download the .zip file which contains individual images, instead of the massive preview). Also, make sure you check out @2x preview.

Note: All the movie posters used in this work were only used for demonstration purposes.

Batch Icons by @AdamWhitcroft.


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