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This weekend I've been working on a UI for an app that I'm calling Unite. This screen shows the emails state of the app. Here we have a standard email preview pane, but a not so standard layout of emails. I've decided to display the emails in a IM style format (most recent at the bottom, least recent at the top). Emails will also automatically collaps once reaching the top, as shown. One can also collaps and de-collaps as he or she sees fit, by use of the arrow located in the bottom right of each message.

To reply to an email all one is required to do is type the email in the reply box; however, during the email screen (not shown here) advanced formatting options will appear as the reply box expands. I'll show that in a latter shot.

In the far right of the app is what I call the feed. The feed displays all of the most recent updates and postings from any connected service, email, or rss feed. Depending on the service the app will allow for a user to click on one of these feeds and what ever content is shown in the middle area (the window) will disappear and the feed content will appear, then the user can then read the full status, articule, etc and then make a reply, like it, retweet it, etc.

I hope to show more of this app here shortly. In the mean time let me know what you think of the current view of the application.

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