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Final home screen for the app I designed last year. The idea was to replicate Path's animation while opening the app, with a cover flip animation like in a book. One of the great features that this app would have is the fact that it show the passing of time. Textures will fade out and get more ruined over time, and when opening the app, if it has been a long time, the cover would be full of dust and there would be an animation of that dust flying when the app was opened. The texture degradation is done, but unfortunately no animations of the dust were made.

The app will be a mobile tourist guide, listing events, spots, and helping the visitor to route his visit by time. All the design will be Skeuomorphic, to retain the textures of the old print guides. The idea is to have as much connection to the old print edition as possible, while retaining all the function and interface of a modern mobile app.

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