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Today I'd like to show you the Audiobooks iPad App based on Tetrisly Component System (that helps you keep the good structure and increase your workflow in Sketch).

Extra 20% off - Tetrisly  -  Component Library for wireframing and Starter Kit for Design System (Sketch)

You can buy it here for $47.20

As you can see Tetrisly is useful both for UI and for wireframing (2nd slide). You can create wireframes faster (thanks to 2500 sketch components organized in an easy way) or you can use Tetrisly as Starter Kit for your next project or design system.

Find out more about Tetrisly

Tetrisly contains:

● 2500+ Sketch Components
● 14 Component Categories
● 450+ Layer and Text Styles
● Many Unique Icons in 3 sizes
● Example Wireframes and Process Files
● Add-ons to create documentation
● Free Updates & support

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