Revenge Of The Nerds

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These nerds are out to get you! The final ghost group is nearing completion. (Its never complete as I have OCD).

Working on a flash game using some old school pixels and modifying some open sourced actionscript. Never attempted pixel art before so, all round it is a fun challenge.

Colors might need balancing (more vivid) but, I will tackle that later on. Each of these little guys has tons of frames of animation with blinking eyes, swaying fins etc... I'm having fun with that :). There are several different states for these guys as well, normal, or when a power pill is active...then flashing as it comes to an end. Due to the nature of the game, there is a need for small character icons and larger 'HD' ones.

Not sure when I will release it, certainly plenty of tweaks to be done to the characters, but when I do it will come as an epic download including icons for Windows and Mac as well as the game itself and a desktop, iOS wallpapers and more. Aiming for a very fun package once complete.

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