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Logo Concepts card collect map pin charity heart shop bag smile basket logo simple gif face ticket coupon bag store shopping loyalty crown king design eyes mouth happy

Hello folks!

I'm working on a logo concept for a mobile application. Client is in a dilemma and he is interested in your opinion (as a bonus review). This is a summary of the application brief:

"***** is a loyalty system that works with an app on a smartphone and a device situated in for example an store. The costumer gets a point for buying an item in return for publicity on social media.

But when a 'card' is completed they together support a charity!"

I present you three solutions.

1st - With this concept I wanted to focus on the core of application. Basket as a symbol of shopping and stores and heart as a symbol of charity. Additional bonus is the map pin in negative space.

2nd - With this concept I wanted to focus on use of coupons (tickets) and their collecting. Here's heart in a little a modified form. Additional bonus is the top of the ticket as crown.

3rd - The same concept as the previous one only the focus is more on the "king-crown" effect and happy face.

Fast answers please.

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