One of the biggest changes we made to the new Live Nation website was eliminating the little tiny event cards in favor of larger, more interactive cards. In the past, each card consisted of a small thumbnail image and a few lines of tiny text with the event name, date, and venue name.

These new cards have a much larger image, and are still limited to the event name, date, and venue name. But now they also include an overlay or hover state, which gives the user the option of going right to the checkout, going to a page that displays more info about the event, or checking out what add-ons are available to enhance their concert-going experience.

One other big addition, more on the technical side, is that we now group events. Instead of showing all five of Madonna's upcoming shows cluttering up your screen, now we can show you one show and let you know that there's four additional shows nearby that may have dates that are better for your schedule.

Posted on Dec 11, 2019
Nate Tharp
Product Designer

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