English Department Thank You Card Project

The English Language, Literature, and Communications Department wanted a custom card to express their thanks when collaborating with other departments on campus.

I didn't want them to have a simple greeting card that looked like anything else. The world of books and literature can take you on adventures of the imagination, and I wanted this card to express that.
I search the ends of the internet to find each element which I individually cut out and placed into this layout, while remembering to acknowledge perspective and scale to give depth to the scene on the card. (Thank goodness for those years in fine art!) To tie everything together, the lightning needed the warm feeling of a sunset.

The typography also needed to look like it was a part of the scene. At this point, I couldn't just place a title over the top of the scene. It needed to float along with the hot air ballon since the feeling of receiving a thank you can give a person a light, floating feeling.
To accomplish this, I build 3D letters with multiple round of editing to get the angles and textures just right for the composition.

Small surprise elements were added to the back so that the entire printed card was not so top heavy. It included the name of the department as well as a small reminder that books can take you places.

This project was extremely enjoyable and reminded me why I do what I do ... bringing creative ideas into reality.

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