Righteous Rhymes

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•keep that throat moisturized •
“From West End to the West Bank
I write righteous rhymes with my right and wrestle the devil with my left hand
Never work for a Zionist, never been a yes man
My art is like Rembrandt painting pictures of death camps
The average person is allergic to the words of wisdom
This is for everyone of Saddam's Kurdish murder victims
And all the pure souls that never had the chance to speak
Truth pumps in my arteries and causes my heart to beat
For soldiers haunted and tortured by guilty memories
Who realised too late to reveal their real enemy
It's all dead wrong
For every victim of racist persecution from Auschwitz to Hebron
My words may sting cowards
For people that were atomised by the Thermite in the Twin Towers
Those living through the wars
Ask me what I do this for
Put the world in its place before it put you in yours.”

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