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Mulheres Fantásticas

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Whole video here:

I had the immense honor of telling the story of this insanely talented and bold German botanical illustrator from the 1600's called Maria Sibylla Merian. I really wanted to hero her gorgeous, intricate work, so I kept my characters and other design assets to a minimal. All the gorgeous flowers, plants, insects and shells are hers.

It was a joy to work on this project entirely made by women for Brazil's biggest TV channel, Globo.

Since 1973, this TV show called Fantástico gathers families around on Sunday evenings to discuss the latest news and discoveries around the globe.

They recently started this series called Mulheres Fantásticas (Fantastic Women) that features inspiring stories of women from around the world. The animated intro is used as a hook to then introduce contemporary Brazilian women who defied circumstances and stereotypes and are doing groundbreaking work.

Love and gratitude to my Brazilian partner in crime that helped me animate some shots.

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