Rebeca Anaya

STMS Magazine Cover

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The Society for Tennis Medicine and Science is an organization centered on tennis’ sports medicine. They focus on understanding and effectively treating injuries seen in tennis players, performance, and the biomechanical responses to tennis play. One of their initiatives is the “Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis”, a journal that publishes original research, clinical studies, and articles. I’ve been collaborating with them for several months now working on the editorial design of their journals, and for the December issue I did a cover redesign. To be honest, I was very nervous because they didn’t even ask for it, so I wasn’t sure how they would take it, but they loved it! The design of the journal is very “formal” as it is a science document, so I worked on a cover that was still professional, appealing, and very clean. I designed a large lettering piece for the title of this month’s edition, and paired it with 2 images. Something I wanted to solve is that they depend a lot on stock imagery, so this way the cover showcases something that’s much more unique and truly their own. This is not the final piece as I still need to do some adjustments and tweaks, but really like how it’s turning out. I’m happy I went for it, and to be honest, I’m happy and proud that I’m actively trying to work on different styles (As sad as it might be scripts can’t work for everything), and that I finally got to have a lettering piece on a cover. 💚

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