Doug Huegel

Soul Ranchers - Heroes & Horses

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Being the brother of a Marine Veteran, and knowing many others who served, this project means a lot to me. This artwork was completed for a non-profit called Heroes and Horses;

Their purpose is to provide veterans with a new approach to cope with PTSD. H&H takes those who have formed deep physical and mental scars from the military on horseback excursions through the wilderness of Montana to help regain happiness and fulfillment.

Their motto is simple, yet so on point- "Not a vacation”. These trips may be done in the beautiful mountains of the west but they are built to be a challenge. Approaching what may be terrifying to anyone, they look at each individual as a whole while creating new physiological, eating, fitness, and leadership practices. Their website states “You can’t just “treat” one part of a person and expect them to thrive, you have to look at how everything works together.”.

Over the weekend they hosted their 2019 Fundraising Gala with the goal to raise money to help fund every veteran that comes their way in 2020. I can’t express how much I appreciated them giving me the opportunity to create these shirt illustration and to be a small part of their HUGE event.

Please go to their website to discover ways you can help them bring purpose back into the lives of Veterans in need.

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