Coco Landry

Hyldemoer Wine, redesigned concept, 2019

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This alcoholic wine product is simply a concept that I created as a student for an early graphic design project assignment. It quickly became one project that I felt I could far better execute technically if I ever had the chance, and almost exactly 4 years later I decided to set aside some time to treat it like it was a real job project or school assignment once more. I have worked on it all of this past week.

Below are the images of my original concept for an elder flower wine, the logo I made in 2016 for it, labels and packaging of the wine, and a 2 page advertisement for this concept product.

As you will see, I was able to do a far more skilled job at the product mock-ups and actually know far more about print quality that improved the later version over the initial. I am very pleased with how this design looks as a whole.
All in all, I'm also proud that I hung in and redesigned this little assignment, and I no longer feel embarrassed about what was probably the sloppiest art project I ever submitted to anyone for any reason EVER. I'm proud of the ways I have been able to grow as a designer by continuing to learn through simple problem solving, which I did in just the same ways this week as I did during the initial concept design 4 years ago!

The punchline though if there is one? I don't drink alcohol, and I'm not sure why this instructor insisted our product be alcoholic!

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