M3 Design Blue Goji Case Study

A significant amount of effort and a ton of collaboration with the M3 team went into developing the case study pages. One of the design tenets we adopted at the beginning of the project was to let the product brands and assets be the main visual focus. This allows the work to be showcased and more impactful. We created a design system that allowed us to use a modular approach and to give each one its own customized design to best tell the story.

M3 Design is an industry-leading industrial design and mechanical engineering agency based in Austin, TX. They’re an incredibly talented and creative group that specializes in developing products and experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible and move the technologies of workplace, healthcare, and lifestyle into the future. We had the privilege to collaborate with them on a total overhaul of their digital presence and a new, refreshed creative direction to move their brand forward.


Creative Direction
Design & UX
Art Direction

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