Rachel McCaslin

Seoul Lanterns

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This is a part of a personal project titled GlobalType. I travel full time and love to photograph the places I'm in. Each place I visit I choose my favorite photo series and hand letter the name of the city, neighborhood, area, etc that inspires me most.

While in Seoul, there are strings of lanterns that decorate the whole city, long ones that go down the main boulevard, outside business, littered around shopping streets. This particular group of lanterns caught my eye because they were in a huge group, lined up, one next to the other and dyed these stellar, super saturated colors.

As for the mark, I really enjoy the way 'Seoul' looks as a word. It's short and I felt I could have a real play around with the characters and have some fun with it. There's a lot you can do with longer words, of course, but sometimes I find it gets a bit tedious and daunting trying to make the characters work with each other and everything is properly shaped and cleaned. This one I really got to let go and explore a messier style and aesthetic. One of my favorites from my series so far!

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