Inder Preet

A University Management tool for an African Client

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Its everything an educational institution should stand for. Not boring, joyful, smart and inspiring.

We had gamified the whole process of learning as well as setting up the resource center. With micro as well as macro goals. Certificates, badges and trophies for milestones achieved.

Suggesting what his mates are studying and to what extent, to generate positive competition among peers.

And A.i. based learning systems to assess the over all growth of the student as well as teachers. An interesting feature related to it is - the tool raises a concern with student as well as teachers if they are lagging behind in a subject, attendance or show an unusual pattern of decline in studying materials available online, attendance or marks. All in a manner to generate a positive dialogue.

Call it a stereotype but its not African if its not colorful. Here, let's be proud and loud about it.

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