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Yet another polygon style wall. I'm sorry but I LOVE these and apparently a lot of other people do as I've been asked to share this wall. So here it is. Getting this softness to appear vividly was a little tricky (for me) but I think it turned out good in the end. Just like all chick flicks. :P Hope you like it! Wallpapers are attached.

A lot of people seem to like this wall and for that I thank you! Didn't think it would be that popular but glad I shared it. I usually don't design for devices I don't own i.e. 27" iMac or the Retina MBP mainly because well, I don't own those devices but I've been asked to make this wall available in those sizes and I have done so. Sadly there big ass PNG files and I couldn't attach the Retina MBP wall because it's 1MB over the 10MB limit but don't worry I uploaded a link you can download it at. :)

Retina MBP --> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/944475/Tinge%20Retina%20MBP.png


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