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Beijing Dribbble Meetup: mini

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How does AI affect our daily jobs in the design industries? Will design jobs be replaced by AI? How can designers harness the power of AI? These are some of the most common questions that people ask in recent years. AI is like teenage sex. Everyone talks about it; Nobody knows how to do it; everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everybody claims they are doing it.

The best way to exploit the potentialities of AI is to understand the theory and mechanism behind the machine learning algorithm. With the knowledge of how AI works, it is very valuable for designers to change their mindsets from a new perspective in the fast-changing world.

Dribbble Meetup mini (DEC 2019) has invited Kyle, a senior UI/UX designer at NVIDIA, to share the fundamental knowledge of machine learning/deep learning and his insights about how we can apply the AI technology to improve our design and develop the next generation products. In addition, there will be a discussion after the share session. It fits perfectly for those who want to exchange their work experience and make new friends in the industry. We welcome all people who are interested in design and AI to join the party!



此次Dribbble Meetup mini (Dec 2019) 邀請了Nvidia (英偉達)的設計師 Kyle 與我們分享他在AI領域的一些洞察,除了分享環節,Meetup mini也同樣有深入討論的環節,不僅交流對AI的見解,也討論交流設計工作的經驗。

入場費:¥79 /person (可用來換取Z-Bar酒水與小食)

19:00 - 19:30 簽到入場
19:30 - 19:35 主持人開場&活動介紹
19:35 - 20:25 Kyle Huang:AI當前發展/AI+設計
20:25 - 21:30 討論

活動時間:12月27日(周五)19:30 - 21:30
地点:北京市東城區协作胡同40号 Z-space 2层 Z-bar 星光吧


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