It's been a tremendous pleasure to help design Ness' all-new Profile 2.0.

This project started with a task of updating our old Profile, and blossomed into a company-wide effort to show just how powerful and insightful a user profile could be.

Our goal was to rethink the way our tastes are presented in an iPhone app. We wanted to provide a deeply personal, yet fluid experience that fit in well with the existing Ness UI, but that also displays some of the rich data that Ness learns about a user. Considering that Ness may only have 10 restaurant ratings from a user, how far could we really take this Profile 2.0?

It turns out that we were able to show a boatload of cool stuff:
- Top Five Cuisines
- Top Cities
- Average Rating
- All Ratings
- All Reviews
- Most Similar Friends
- Cuisines You Both Like
- Restaurants You've Both Rated
- Restaurants You'll Both Enjoy
And of course, some unique animations to tie it all together.

Profile 2.0 is now available in the Ness app:

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