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  1. Nenad Ivanovic Nenad Ivanovic

    Back in 2006/2007 a game called Scary Maze gained a lot of attraction on the web.

    1/ It appears to be a stupid maze game to test your skill
    2/ You get some concentration because it’s becoming harder at the end.
    3/ Near the end, a scary face screaming will shock you and freeze you to death :)

    A lot of videos are on Youtube :

    It’s pretty funny to see the reaction of people, you can prank people around you, it will always work :)

    What we want

    We want to port this simple but effective old flash game from the past, a lot of people have already forgotten this to the values of 2012 ! Which means : mobile and social.

    Facts :
    1/ iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2 and 3 do have a front camera.
    2/ Quite everyone has Facebook.

    The pitch in a few words :
    1/ You have a Facebook Connect screen.
    2/ You connect with Facebook.
    3/ You launch the “fake” game
    4/ A friend of yours is playing.
    5/ While he/she plays, it gets recorded from the front camera.
    6/ The guy/girl is screaming out loud.
    7/ At the end, you get to choose to send the video by email, or through Facebook to all your friends and contacts and you’re making fun of him/her.
    8/ Everyone wants to prank everyone, it’s becoming viral.

    The game is based around social / Facebook. Pranked users video will be displayed on prankster's wall.

    What to avoid
    We don't need some design for the fake game itself, the maze will be done our side as it doesn't require some kind of graphical skill. It's pretty simple.

    over 1 year ago

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