Shine bright like a diamond...


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  1. Bob Ewing Bob Ewing

    This was my wife's idea for artwork for our daughter's room. A is for Asscher, C is for Cushion and E is for Emerald. These will be 12" x 12" frames that will hand above my daughter's crib. I will rebound with a photo of them hanging, once I do that tonight.

    over 1 year ago

  2. ampersandrew ampersandrew

    Lovely colors.


    over 1 year ago

  3. Bob Ewing Bob Ewing

    Thanks @ampersandrew this was all based ont he color palette for my daughter's room.

    over 1 year ago

  4. Finally got around to framing and hanging these gems in my daughter's room. These hand above the crib on a chevron accent wall I painted by hand.


    about 1 year ago

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