Dan Shepherd

LecturePass Website Concept

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A layout inspired by a recent design exercise.

I've been designing UIs for just over three years now, so I have a lot to learn, but a recent design exercise was the first time I found myself completely stuck.

The combination of a wide open brief and no ability to ask clarifying questions caused me to slip into a pattern of overthinking.

Overthinking is not new to me, but this got to a level where I could no longer see the UI with any perspective. I moved away from my usual process and I couldn't 'zoom out'... so I stayed zoomed in, trying to solve things with brute force. The end result was unsurprisingly... meh.

It was a good lesson for me to learn. If things are difficult, that's when I need to lean into the processes that have served me well to this point. It's in these situations that your ability, and your process is actually tested. Live and learn 🤷🏽‍♂️

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