Joy Abraham

Bijoy Dibosh - 16th December

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16th December is our Victory Day, It is celebrated whole Nationwide as a special day in Bangladesh. Every year, On the 16th of December, is celebrated specially in Bangladesh. In a notification issued on January 22, 12, the day was celebrated as National Day in Bangladesh and the holiday was officially declared as that day.

After 6 months of war, about 5 members of the invading Pakistani forces surrendered formally to the joint forces comprising Bangladesh and India at Suhrawardy Gardens in Dhaka on December 7, 1971. This led to the emergence of a new independent and sovereign state called Bangladesh at the base of the earth. On this occasion, every year in Bangladesh, the day is celebrated with appropriate sentiment and huge enthusiasm. On December 8, the day started with artillery 5 times.

Loves, Bangladesh ❤

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