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Layer (Concept)

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Hey guys,

long time no post. Couple of weeks ago I've decided to exercise my illustrating skills a bit more and play around with augmented reality, so I created a concept for an app/service called 'Layer'.

Basically it works in three different layers (one for connecting with people, one for shopping, one for traveling/exploring), where you collect different cards and collections of places (e.g. 10 diff. cards for New York landmarks to earn a 'New Yorker' badge plus some rewards).

Anyway, I just wanted to practice my skills combining flat layouts, illustrations and augmented reality. Everything is handcrafted apart from avatars borrowed from @musHo , @DanCederholm, @Fabio Basile, @ShaunInman @JeffreyZeldmann and @DarylGinn - Hope you don't mind :)

Have a look and let me know what ya guys think! :)

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