Space Box Embedable Payments

This is coming soon :) You'll be able to include a 1 line script tag on your site to turn your Space Box links into buttons that when click, pop up this guy. Payments can be made form your site without ever leaving it :)
And it'll be continuing the Space Box theme of 'no-code necessary'.. so there will be no need to do anything extra on your end to get this to work :) yay!

Your custom images you've set up for your Space will be in the modal too (logo and background image)!

Check the full-size attachment!

oh, and you can sign up for Space Box here:

UPDATE: I decided to stay up all night again and make it real.. and now it's just about done!! So fun!

UPDATE 2: I just launched the first beta version of this! in a mere 19 hours since the first designing it in photoshop! wewt! Go here and click the link that says see an example:

Posted on Jan 9, 2013

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