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Drawtober: 31 of 31 – Supernatural

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[and forgot to post this one, too 😁 ]

Drawtober-Inktober-Drawlloween-Monster-Sketch-Prompt-Thing - 31 of 31 - Supernatural 👨🏻👨🏻

I DID IT! I finally did it. Wow, oof! At least I finished before Thanksgiving!! And, at least I took so long because I was living life – aka traveling, working, having fun, and freelancing. I wanted to make this process painless so I didn’t go crazy with all the other stuff going on. I wish October was earlier. This time of year is insanely busy, but hey, I finished! Rushed through it a bit, so it’s definitely not my best one 😬😬 lol but could be worst! After all was said and done, all 31 illustrations (including colors) took 33hours - via procreate’s canvas info feature! Some took too long, others I rushed, and some were just right! 🏆

So why did I choose Supernatural? Well, because 1 – it’s their final season (season 15! omg.) – and I haven’t watched season 15 yet! 2. I was there at the beginning. I remember back in 2005 watching the first episode on The WB! I was only like 14, almost 15 years old at that point, but I was super excited about it! It was one of my favorite shows – I think I have like four or five seasons on DVD! Before Netflix haha! Through the good and the bad and the weird and the scary, I’ve always loved Supernatural and especially the cast (and Baby, the Impala 🚗💖). They all look like they have so much fun in and out of the show. So, for 31, the finale (despite my sketch being rushed because I was so excited to finish and was also running around all weekend), Supernatural! Onward! And, now I need to also catch up on Season 15 so the ending isn't spoiled for me, omg I don’t want it to end (but wow, 15 seasons though. that’s wild). 👻

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