Paul Flavius Nechita

Dribbble Shot Preview 1.1

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Dribbble Shot Preview 1.1 template shot preview dribbble freebie free freemium psd photoshop

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I made this a while ago to help me get a better perspective on how my shot would look on all the sizes available at @Dribbble. I am sure everyone did this at least once, print screen the homepage and paste his work in it just to get an idea on how it would look. Presentation is the key, and I am happy to share this with the community.

@2x_-800x600_-Dribbble_Shot_Template.jpg has a 800x600 Smart object inside for @2x shots and Normal_-_400x300_-Dribbble_Shot_Template.jpg has a 400x300 Smart Object inside for normal shots. Simply paste your work inside the Smart Object or get creative inside of it.

Happy downloads and I hope you guys can appreciate this as much as I do.

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