Wieske Design Stationary

Alyssa stationary

Monogram - Personal and individualised service practice. Its geometric form and negative space captures the technicality and sense of layout required within interior design. The low bar of the A while subtle was inspired by Art Deco type.

Fine lines - representative of the stitching and detail of high quality fabrics.

Duplexed tactile substrates - Craft and an eye for diverse but complimentary material textures.

Copper foil - An understanding of classic design principles and experience. Dyed black and bleached white substrates show a degree of restraint but are also reflective of the light and shadow that gives interior space its three dimensional qualities.

An underlined Gotham logo-type - Contemporary pragmatism, professionalism, efficiency, functionality and confidence.

All designed to offset the misconceptions of youth - the client looks young but is incredibly talented.

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