Dribbble Invite Giveaway!


- Closed! -

I have two delicious Dribbble invites I'm excited to give away! Here's how I'd like to go about doing that: http://goo.gl/G3Bdx

I'm just a student myself. Mostly self-taught. An aspiring designer. I won't pretend I'm better than most and I don't have any disillusions that my work is all that amazing.

As such, I don't feel it's fair for me to be holding a Dribbble contest solely based on my opinions on a particular image submission of yours (as I'm sure most of you will have work that is way out of my league)! This will not be a "submit-your-best-shot" thing.

However, as an aspiring artist, one of the greatest values of Dribbble to me is the community. Learning from the best. Getting feedback and honest critique.

I'd love to give these invites to someone who doesn't just have good work to show off (plenty of those as is), but to someone who shares my appreciation for the importance of community! I'm looking for someone I can learn from! Someone who's willing to be more than just-another-image-poster, but also a critique, a guide and maybe a friend. Someone awesome :)

If this is you, drop me a line (link above)! Tell me a little about yourself. Link me to your work / portfolio. Let's talk!

I'll email you (and so will Dribbble) if you get the invite! I know this is usually done on Twitter, but I've always been slightly too old-school for that (okay I'm just lazy). I'll be announcing these here, on Tumblr and on my site (the link above!). Use whatever works for you and follow if you like my work :)

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