My Second Anniversary!

Two years ago, on this day, I started working full-time as a freelancer. I thought this was going to be a temporary thing. But here we are two years later; I'm still doing it!

It hasn't been easy; in fact, it has been super challenging, but during this time, I've been so blessed to be able to work on some fantastic projects with some fantastic clients. Sometimes I can't believe the kind of things I'm being paid to do. So many fun projects! To make this story even better, for the first time, I was the stay-home-parent. My anniversary is this month, and my son will turn two next month. Yeah, the timing was not the best, but that's just how life works.

Anyway, I don't want to take more of your time; I just wanted to share this milestone with the world! Enjoy your day everyone, and remember, if you have a project you would like to partner with me, I'm just a message away!

P.S: Sound on 🔊

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Mario Jacome
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