Vojtěch Srb

Website Concept - Destiny

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As you can see, the top left box is a slideshow which is typical for today's websites. You have a small window, which after a few seconds, changes to another picture or you can click on the small white "ball", which should glow when you select it. You can click on this picture to see assigned topic/article.

We're moving to the right. There's another small box with latest forum threads and topics with date.

On the left - under the slideshow, you can see a Main Menu where you can find: News, Articles, User Articles, Contacts, Forum and Discussion.
Under the main menu tab, you can click on Game Info which will reveal additional buttons. Under that is a Gallery, Community and a link to Bungie.net official website.

And finally on the right - in the middle, you can find newest articles and news with a Title, an Author, Date and a Discussion section.

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