Panoramagram Concept

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So this is an idea that first was brought to my attention by my old roommate Zach Mix (epic web skills, I would check it out). I don't think we are the first ones to think about this, but I thought I might see how I could make Instagram house panoramas in a way that could make sense. I think that people don't use the panorama feature of the iPhone5 nearly as much because there isn't a good way to share the photos.

My conclusion on the issue:
People would rather share a square photo to their friends than keep a panorama to themselves.

To make it work, I created 3 ways to view each panorama: at a glance (by default) to enable quick browsing, tap + hold for a magnified area of your choice, double tap to see it zoomed in (swipe to pan left/right), or turn to landscape orientation for a full screen view.

I've got a screen or 2 left to show, but likely won't get that posted til Monday. Follow me for more updates and other non-sense.

And the homies at instagram: Zach and I are listening, lets make this happen :D

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