Tesla Cybertruck — Make it custom

An extraordinary truck deserves an extraordinary purchase flow.

A reimagined and conceptual web experience of Tesla's brand new Cybertruck.

1. WINDOWS Start off by picking the window glass type of your choice. Who wouldn't go with the armored?

2. INTERIOR Browse through and select the interior style in a tone of Navy, Earth or Coal

3. BATTERY Now to the important part, the power that makes you go forward. Here's when you decide how long your road trips will be.

4. DRIVETRAIN Finish off the customize flow by selecting what kind of engine performance you wish to have. Trimotor with all-wheel drive is definitely your best bet if you are looking to conquer mountains.

5. SUMMARY Here's your custom Cybertruck, here are the details, and here's the last button to make it all happen.

What are your thoughts about this piece? And the truck itself? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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