Reminders for Messages on iOS

Reminders for Messages on iOS

Update: Jonathan Bailey brought this to life over a month ago. It's available on his GitHub if anyone wants to try it out. Here's the instructions (requires a jailbroken device).

We've all encountered a situation where we forget to respond to a text message from someone. Myself included. Here's a potential solution (concept).

In a conversation in Messages, hold down on a specific message to reveal the "Remind" option. Tapping it gives you the option to set a reminder for the following times:

- 1 minute
- 5 minutes
- 15 minutes
- 1 hour

(and of course there's a Cancel button at the bottom)

Upon selecting a time, a notification bulletin will be added back into the Notification Center and will re-alert (banner or alert depending on your setting) after the allotted time.

Stay tuned - Andrew Richardson and I are working on something special. This might appear (or a variant of it) with our project in the near future!

Full images coming soon.

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