18sedem3 logo

The brand has evolved from a family run restaurant Kunstelj, situated in Radovljica, Slovenia, which has been serving and hosting guests since 1873. The 18sedem3 is covering sub-brands which are representing a cake shop, cetering services, cooking courses, accommodation rooms, wine cellar, local shop and a tourist agency. Despite the complexity of the brand regarding the numerous sub-brands and areas of the its interests and activities, the corporate identity was designed in the principle of logic and simplicity in terms of its usage and the message it communicates. The basic logo can work independently or together with other sub-brand logos depending on the desired communicating message. Another important segment of the identity are the promotional stickers, which were designed in the same visual style as the main logos, so they can be placed on different kinds of packaging.
Corporate identitiy was made in association with Memoinstitut.


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