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NOT A FULL MOCKUP! :) Just more or less wanted to bring some attention to the idea that there are apps out there that do not exist and should. I owe a lot of respect to deviantART because that's where I discovered a lot of great design friends and more or less where I funneled my creativity when starting out. I am not quite sure why there is not an iOS app out there for this site because I still find myself browsing it from time to time so I thought I'd take a quick stab (it's not perfect) at what the splash screen might look like. I will say though that deviantART has a VERY "busy" site so I wanted to keep that away and take more of a minimal approach. Hope you like it and maybe this will spark some creativity from people out there that are far more talented than I'll ever be to maybe design a full iOS app. Lastly I'd love to see some other splash screens of iOS apps you think should exist but don't. I attached the full sizes if you wanted to take a peek. Thanks as always!

iPhone5 PSD
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