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  1. Sarah Kaiser Sarah Kaiser

    Full turn around:

    So, this guy comes with a story.

    It was over a month ago now that my ipad had been stolen (or lost and taken, you pick), I'd been waiting for my lunch when a co-worker happened by. We got to talking, lunch came and I returned to the studio completely forgetting my ipad behind. I realized my error minutes later and ran back, checked inside, outside, asked around- no one had seen it.

    Oh well, I figured someone probably picked it up. It was in a dull old brown case that made it look more like a book than anything, I expected a kid or some doddering old lady, the two usual suspects of Arlington Heights. I went back to work, logged onto the locate app and watched it slowly travel down the road and up to a residencial area. I locked it and pinged it with a note, 'Hey, my name is Sarah! I see you've found my work ipad, email me at xxx and I'd be happy to trade you for a cash reward or drink'. This is my go-to message, I lose my phone all the time. Works more often than not.

    No response. I made it beep to possibly attract their attention, it gets turned off. The battery was low so I was expecting anything. At my coworker's urging I went down to check out the area, but found no one where it was last sighted. I'm worried, but optimistic. I set a locate action for when it gets turned on again as well as another message along the lines of 'I need this device for work, it would mean a lot to me if you could return it, I can't afford to replace it.

    Days pass, I watch it drift in an out of activity making its way north from Boston. A park, some random suburb, another park. What the hell? Who would be wandering around with a locked ipad in a park? Every time I made it beep it would get turned off, and the battery was ticking low. My creative director suggested I call the police, I doubted anything could come of it- and the officers I spoke with just short of laughed at me. 'There's nothing that can be done', I'd figured as much. They didn't bother filing a report.

    Finally it went dead. I figured at this point whoever had it had no intention of returning it. They'd either let it run dead and had no idea what to do with it short of pawn it for petty cash, or wiped it, and with that all means of my tracking the device.

    Either way, I owed my work $600+ worth of iProduct.

    I actually wasn't too upset, to be perfectly honest. Anyone savvy enough to get around a block and malicious enough to go leafing through my email or dropbox might have found some scrap of PHI or other material that could have cost us more than a measly half-k, and I didn't want to have to live with my stupidity having caused such a mess. I'd gambled by putting the block up with my contact info, allowing me to still monitor it and track it when I could have wiped it and given them a fresh, unlocked new ipad. As far as I was concerned, I'd gotten lucky- even if I did have to go buy another iPad for Invo.


    over 1 year ago

  2. Sarah Kaiser Sarah Kaiser

    So I begrudgingly put in an order for a new one and resigned myself to the loss. It goes without saying I was surprised when a week later I got an automated email letting me know Apple had located it at an address. Fully charged, no less. Seems someone had figured out how to insert a plug into a hole. (One big step for man.) I related this to my coworkers, and my creative director said he'd heard of a case where a man, who was very much in the same position as I, had cops outside the door of a residence- and used the beep function to give the police incentive to inspect the house by turning it on once they got to the door. It sounded far-fetched, especially when the cops had brushed me off so quickly before. To me it's just some consumer device, I'm not dying, it's not a car or a stolen child, why should I waste a police officer's time? I gave it a shot anyways, what the hell.

    After some municipal juggling, I get in touch with an office of the local force. I forward him the email Apple sent me with the address, and told him that if he could call me when he's outside that I could make the device beep when the time came. He said he'd give it a shot, and I spent the next while at the office biting my nails and trying to putter away on some UI work for the first time that day.

    He calls me a little while after lunch and tells me to go ahead and make it do its thing and that he'd call back in a while. I do just that and sat around waiting beside my phone, sat around as well as a shambling ball of nerves could anyways. I wasn't alone, several other co-workers kept peeking over and prompting me for updates on the minute.

    Another call, it's the same officer and he's asking where I am. I tell him the address of my work, and he says he'll be here in 20 minutes and nothing else. On the dime, he walks in with his partner.


    over 1 year ago

  3. Sarah Kaiser Sarah Kaiser

    The first thing I noticed about the guy was that he was MASSIVE. This big, friendly, bald looking fellow with at least a head and some change on me in terms of height, but with the sort of muscle that could easily allow him to fold me up like an origami crane if he wanted. He looked like a line-backer, and his partner looked like he might have been cast from a similar mold. Somewhere along the line, they had both been shoe-horned into some very prim looking sports sweaters and khaki trousers, badges at their waists. Being in software design, this race of human was somewhat foreign to me, but they reminded me violently of the Nordic race from The Elder Scrolls (And if you know what I'm talking about, then you're just as bad. Don't judge me.)

    I instantly felt pity for whoever's door they had turned up at unexpected, but it hadn't been without result. The officer I'd spoken to grinned and held out my ipad (which, in his hand, looked a bit more like an iphone) and my jaw just dropped, and a cheer went through the studio.

    I think I might have hugged him, and he was a lovely gentleman. While I was filling out the report he explained that when he'd gotten to the door and rung the bell he could already hear it beeping away. As he opened it he watched some kid coming down the stairs as the beeping got louder- and there it was in hand. He was apparently strung out on something, and the first words he'd said were 'I found it!'. Funny that. It was true enough at least.

    The officer gave me his business card and went on his way, and I was just speechless. I haven't let the ipad out of my sight since, and I'm still in disbelief I ever got it back. I wanted to write him and his partner a thank you card and send it along at Christmas, but I went one step further and make a little sculpt in the likeness of the officer who got it back. I wish I could have done one of his partner too, but I don't recall what he looks like as much. I'm going to tell him he's always welcome to stop by if he wants one for himself though. I still need to paint this guy, but I hope he likes it, and perhaps isn't too put off by the big schnoz. I think it's rather fetching.


    Sculpey, ~4 1/2 hours


    over 1 year ago

  4. Rob Hendricks Rob Hendricks

    cute! you should still learn to remember your stuff! Put it all in one pile, you won't forget everything when leaving a place =]

    over 1 year ago

  5. Louis Bullock Louis Bullock

    Excellent tale! :) Glad you got your iPad back :)

    over 1 year ago

  6. Sarah Kaiser Sarah Kaiser

    Rob- I get better about it all the time. I have a side bag with pockets for all my things. Everytime I stand to leave I'm getting in the habit of making sure all the pockets are full, haha!

    over 1 year ago

  7. Jivaldi Jivaldi

    Sarah - I think this may have set a record for the largest number of characters ever used on Dribbble. Ha! Seeing this I said, 'no way I'm reading this whole thing', but I did anyway. And I'm glad I did! Lol. You are not only good at Sculpting but at writing as well. You will henceforth be known as Sarah the Scripting Sculptress. Good work, good story, good ending. :-)


    over 1 year ago

  8. Jivaldi Jivaldi

    oh and i tweeted it here. :-)

    over 1 year ago

  9. Sarah Kaiser Sarah Kaiser

    Jivaldi > I admit I felt some pangs of embarrassment watching it stretch on for three comments, I could just hear my mother saying "If you don't see anyone else doing it, you probably shouldn't be doing it either."

    I'm glad you enjoyed it though! These kind of stories always felt like something that only happened to other people, so I'm still sort of in disbelief .

    over 1 year ago

  10. Sunny Tellone Sunny Tellone

    Exactly what Jivaldi said! Fun read and great ending. I found myself wondering and hoping a little, that you might have more stories for us...

    over 1 year ago

  11. Ashley McQuaid Ashley McQuaid

    I absolutely love this story Sarah, this is awesome!

    over 1 year ago

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