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So, this guy comes with a story.

It was over a month ago now that my ipad had been stolen (or lost and taken, you pick), I'd been waiting for my lunch when a co-worker happened by. We got to talking, lunch came and I returned to the studio completely forgetting my ipad behind. I realized my error minutes later and ran back, checked inside, outside, asked around- no one had seen it.

Oh well, I figured someone probably picked it up. It was in a dull old brown case that made it look more like a book than anything, I expected a kid or some doddering old lady, the two usual suspects of Arlington Heights. I went back to work, logged onto the locate app and watched it slowly travel down the road and up to a residencial area. I locked it and pinged it with a note, 'Hey, my name is Sarah! I see you've found my work ipad, email me at xxx and I'd be happy to trade you for a cash reward or drink'. This is my go-to message, I lose my phone all the time. Works more often than not.

No response. I made it beep to possibly attract their attention, it gets turned off. The battery was low so I was expecting anything. At my coworker's urging I went down to check out the area, but found no one where it was last sighted. I'm worried, but optimistic. I set a locate action for when it gets turned on again as well as another message along the lines of 'I need this device for work, it would mean a lot to me if you could return it, I can't afford to replace it.

Days pass, I watch it drift in an out of activity making its way north from Boston. A park, some random suburb, another park. What the hell? Who would be wandering around with a locked ipad in a park? Every time I made it beep it would get turned off, and the battery was ticking low. My creative director suggested I call the police, I doubted anything could come of it- and the officers I spoke with just short of laughed at me. 'There's nothing that can be done', I'd figured as much. They didn't bother filing a report.

Finally it went dead. I figured at this point whoever had it had no intention of returning it. They'd either let it run dead and had no idea what to do with it short of pawn it for petty cash, or wiped it, and with that all means of my tracking the device.

Either way, I owed my work $600+ worth of iProduct.

I actually wasn't too upset, to be perfectly honest. Anyone savvy enough to get around a block and malicious enough to go leafing through my email or dropbox might have found some scrap of PHI or other material that could have cost us more than a measly half-k, and I didn't want to have to live with my stupidity having caused such a mess. I'd gambled by putting the block up with my contact info, allowing me to still monitor it and track it when I could have wiped it and given them a fresh, unlocked new ipad. As far as I was concerned, I'd gotten lucky- even if I did have to go buy another iPad for Invo.

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