Introducing the new Sun

Did you wonder where the Sun went? Wonder no more. Introducing the new Sun [corny Apple-executive voice].

I've found the perfect replacement for Google's, now discontinued, weather API. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute provides some very extensive data, free of charge. I'm surprised too, the Norwegians usually don't give anything away.

Beside the new data provider, Sun has received a major UI-overhaul: Brand new forecast view, more logical gestures, new colors, sounds and animations. Last but not least, Sun also includes a very original (and never-before-seen) sliding settings panel.

And yes, disclaimer: I've been manipulating Copenhagen's temperature like a maniac.

Try the app.

iOS 6 is (probably) required. It works really well on the iPhone 5, but is noticeably more laggy on iPad 3. It's still just an experiment!

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