Cards Against Humanity Webapp: My sex life.


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After a lot of testing with friends, I have something decently playable. Let me walk you through this.

Grab two friends with an iPhone as well as a bottle of booze

All visit (development edition)

Add the app to your homescreen, for browserfree hazzle

Make one player generate a key, and the others enter that same key to join a game

Optional. Add an iPad or laptop on the table, entering the same key

Select a deck (there is currently danish and the original deck)

Select player for the players, and czar for the optional iPad

If you have an iPad the first czar card should have been dealt, if not, make one player tap the black card on the titlebar

Pick your white card(s) by tapping the blue button. (You can unselect a card the same way)

When everyone has dealt their cards, tap the black card on the iPad, and pick show hands

As the czar, pick the best card

Have fun, and let me know about your feedback; also - have a great new years party!

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