Sometimes I hear music and I see my own music video. These are two characters from what I see for Das Racist's "Girl":

After watching the original music video (which has very good, subtle visual gags in it), I started replacing the "girl" with a "goose." And then the singer with a fox! In the music video, he is a bit of a stalker, following our heroine around. (But they do a good job of keeping it cute.) It was easy for me to imagine this as a story about a fox hunting an unsuspecting goose ("and I know what we came to do, and I'm pretty sure that you do, too").

It starts with him hanging out with his buddies, dogs, bobcats, etc, looking tough. They see the goose walk by and he bounds after her, excited about his dinner. (We can't tell if he's really hungry or smitten.) But after following her around, observing her daily life, he is unable to bring himself to kill her and herds her away from the loitering predators.

No plans to actually animate it, but it's a good excuse to draw foxes and geese ;)

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