Delivery Status: Item Name

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Nothing too exciting here, but I could use some feedback on this, especially from anyone who uses Delivery Status a lot.

In the latest beta versions of Delivery Status, I've moved the tracking number/order number field above the "From" field, instead of below it. I've made this change because of the new tracking number detection. You enter the number first, it guesses the company (which you can correct it if needed). Then you can fill out the rest of the fields if necessary. In many cases that tracking number/order number field will be the only thing you care about.

In the current beta version, I have the "Item Name" field immediately after "From", but this doesn't seem right to me. It separates the additional fields (email, password, zip code, etc.) from the "From" field that affects those settings. I think the only ideal place for the "Item Name" field is either first, or last.

On one hand, the item name is similar to a "title" for the delivery, and when you view the details it's always the first thing shown, in large type. Because of that, putting it at the top feels the most "right" to me. Another thing worth considering is that the extra fields (email, password, zip code, etc.) are filled in automatically after you enter them once, so people who use the "Item Name" field a lot will have to skip over those fields all the time if it's at the bottom.

On the other hand, the item name is the one thing that is always optional. It's just there to make a note for your own reference. So putting it at the bottom feels more appropriate in that regard. I've also heard from people who have accidentally entered their tracking number in the item name field—probably because they're thinking of the tracking number as the most important, and expecting it to be first.


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