Free Typeface: VINCENT

Excited to release my first full functioning typeface!

Intended to be used as a title font. Named after my grandfather who drove a 76' Chrysler Cordoba and smoked out of an old wooden pipe. He was rad.


I released Vincent over two years ago and I've been incredibly humbled by it's reception. From full spreads in Sports Illustrated for the Boston Celtics (I'm a Laker fan so I was pretty conflicted) to humble startup logos, it's been a fun ride seeing different situations in which this font helped communicate an expression. It's crazy to know that about 300,00 people have downloaded Vincent and currently have it stored away in their Font Book (unless they were enraged by the horrible kerning settings and dropped him in the dark abyss of the recycle bin).

With that said, I have clarified and expanded the license agreement and will now be selling Vincent for a small fee. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me with examples of how you were able to reimagine my font into new and creative ways.

User license agreement

Posted on Dec 22, 2012

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